Our Compliance Management Service

At Corporate Assistance, we provide you comprehensive effective corporate governance and compliance management for one low annual membership fee. Here’s how:

Step 1Create a Complete Profile of Your Company

We scan and index your existing corporate records into a secure Document Vault (see the Document Request form in your Welcome Kit). Your Governance Specialist contacts you to collect additional information for your company profile. You can always access your profile and corporate record via your Member Portal at this website.

Step 2Perform an Expert Review of Your Corporate Veil

Using our systemized review process, the Corporate Assistance team reviews your company profile and records to identify any weaknesses or problem areas in your company. Afterwards, a personal veil review conference is arranged with you to discuss our findings. Your financial planner, CPA or attorney can participate in this review if you desire.

This Veil Review conference assesses your business entity’s current corporate governance status, identifies weaknesses and liabilities, and specifies any corrective actions needed.

Your Member Profile is updated and you receive a Veil Review report documenting all the findings and actions we’ll address together to help you bring your business entity into compliance.

Step 3Provide Personal Support

You are provided a personal Governance Specialist who works with you to address everything in your Veil Review report. Your Governance Specialist also constantly monitors your business entity, documents all governance actions, supports your corporate meetings, and is always available to answer your questions and perform any governance tasks. Your Governance Specialist trains you on the use of your Member Portal and our corporate governance and wealth protection Knowledge Base.

As a Member, You Also Receive:


To Corporate Assistance’s Education and Knowledge Base

As a member, you have complete access to the Corporate Assistance Knowledge Base. Any questions about corporate governance, wealth protection or any related topic? You enjoy 24/7 access to all our online research and whitepapers.

Search our reference library, newsletters, and additional compliance and risk management resources for wealth protection information, instructions and corporate governance updates; all from the convenience of your personalized Member Portal.

What’s more, if questions arise your Governance Specialist is always available.


Management & Monitoring

What sets Corporate Assistance apart from the rest is its commitment to expert personalized service. Every client is assigned a Governance Specialist from day one. Your personal Governance Specialist provides veil monitoring and support throughout the year helping you manage important actions and deadlines. All your corporate governance requirements are noted, tracked, scheduled, and documented. In addition, your complete compliance history is maintained in our secure online document repository. Contact your Governance Specialist as often as you like to ask questions, solve problems, or discuss governance issues at no additional cost. Stay close to your Governance Specialist… it’s the best way to stay protected!

Your Governance Specialist will contact you to plan, schedule and facilitate all your required corporate meetings. Your Governance Specialist will also document all formal resolutions and minutes while answering your questions and offering helpful guidance. Throughout the year, you will be notified of any events that may impact your business entity, such as reminders to renew your annual registration, or changes in the status of your company.