“For the past decade, Laura Madsen has been a tireless advocate for my businesses.  Laura and her firm, Corporate Assistance have kept me current with all local, state and federal laws.  If you stress about compliance with the many regulations you face, Laura and Corporate Assistance should be your next contact!”

M.C. Kastrop, DDS, M.S. ~ Montana


“A few years ago a disgruntled employee filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against me. I prevailed, but serious weaknesses were exposed in my corporate plan. Your team has worked with me over the years since to strengthen the protection a corporate shield should provide. I feel much more secure with you on ‘my side’ ”
Charles E. Stratton, D.D.S., Inc. ~ California


“I want to thank you for your help in properly segregating the company which owns my orthodontic practice and the property company which owns the building. Your attention to detail and scrutiny of my companies and their past practices uncovered a number of areas which could have resulted in serious exposure to me personally. I am confident that my corporate veil is now as strong as possible.”

Dean P. Leonard, DDS, MS ~ Minnesota


“WOW! I want to thank you for the thorough job with my most recent annual review. For years I wondered in the back of my mind if my corporate records were up to date, if I had documented everything I should, and if I or my corporation was at risk for any number of liability situations. Thank you for the expert and professional way you and your staff have performed over the past several years.”

Victor C. Beck, Jr. DDS FAGD ~ Tennessee


“During my Veil Review several problems with my corporate documentation were brought to my attention which could have caused serious problems for me if I were subjected to an IRS audit or other legal situation. Within a few days I had the appropriate documents and information I needed to get my veil problems resolved.”

Edward Solis, Owner, S&L Management, Inc. ~ California


“I was shocked and amazed to learn about piercing the corporate veil and how it is one of the major trends in litigation and how exposed my corporation was. While I may be an expert in my profession, there would be no way for me to know or keep up with ever-changing laws and regulations. It is reassuring to know that there is someone out there looking out for my best interests.”

D. Gordon Strole, Jr., DDS ~ Texas