New Website

Corporate Assistance is pleased to announce the launch of its new website. Built using the latest technology, the new Corporate Assistance website is more user-friendly and accessible on computers, tablets and smartphones.

The new website features general information to the public regarding the importance of compliance management and corporate governance activities, as well as the pitfalls most small business professionals make by ignoring important liability risk factors and neglecting required corporate record maintenance.

It also features secure and private access to the Client Portal where paid subscribers have access to all their important corporate documents and records. Additionally, subscribers have access to the latest Corporate Governance and Risk Management (CGR) News and Whitepapers.

The website address has been shortened for convenience when typing on your device. We are sure you will agree. In this case ‘less is more’.

Simply type in your web browser address bar.

Although Corporate Assistance LLC remains the official registered name of the company,  we realize our name is a mouthful. So, feel free to call us by the shortened version we use around the office which is ‘corp-assist‘. We won’t be offended.

By the way, the new website was designed by the capable team at Peter James Website Design located in Bellingham, Washington.